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Hey This is DJ Assault A.K.A. Craig Diamonds,

To show my gratitude for almost 20 years of your support. This is a VIP membership club for the most die hard fans. You will have access to new songs as soon as we're finish recording them in the studio. As an added bonus you will be able to download instrumental and acapella versions of these songs along with the original mixes. Also, you get 15% off all physical merchandise. Last but not least, all subscribers will immediately receive a FREE copy of my album "The Booty House Collection" available in your account the minute you sign up!!!

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DJ Assault
Detroit, Michigan
DJ Assault A.K.A. CRAIG DIAMONDS ‘The STREET NARRATOR’ is hard at work with his label and a place to finally call home ‘JEFFERSON AVE’. Making his mark as a well established international DJ since 1997. Assault continues to globe trot yearly all around the US and Canada. From the United Kingdom to over 25 European countries, Australia, South America, and Asia are also among countries.

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